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Nidhi Companies provide functionalities in financial sector.Management of funds is an important task.Membership management,managing saving accounts,loan management,debit and credit management,analyzing business,generating business report are essential tasks in this business. Nidhi software simplifies all this work by providing a centralized accessed easy to view,easy to work,easy to analyze and easy to update service.

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Employee Management

Enrollment of employees, attendance, salary, Employee daily business Report

Account Management

Saving Account, Without interest saving account, Over Draft,Cash Credit Account


Management of Business Loan, Personal Loan, Unsecured Loan, Secured Loan, Gold Loan, Vehicle Loan, Group Loan, Loan on Deposit

Daily Cash

Management of daily cash collection by staff.

Share management

Add/withdraw share, Share certificate print, Dividend calculation


General Ledger, Ledger/Sub Ledger Group, Voucher Entry, Cash Book, Day book, Bank Book, Receipt and Payment, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss A/C, Balance Sheet


Management of Branch Collection Report, Total Collection Report, DAILY Collection Report, Pending Installment Report, LATE Fees Report.

SMS management

Send sms to share holder,customers,employees.

Contact our experienced technical sales team with your requirements or request a call back by filling up our enquiry form. We can create any type of customised solution to meet your business needs, be it a mobile app, Web/Desktop based application, advertising your business online and/or maintenance of existing systems. We always strive hard to help you achieve greater efficiency to your business, increase sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.