Clinic/Hospital Management System

Clinic/Hospital management system is a solution for simplifying clinic/hospital management all at a cost which provides the easy accessibility, access to the required information and easy solution of complex tasks & workflow is the key focus of this system, enabling the staff to get correct information quickly and extending the reach of services. It is designed to cover a wide range of hospital administration and management process. It provides flexibility & scalability, comprehensive report types, easy customization, intuitive visuals and interactive graphics that simplify complex data, dashboards supported quality initiatives and comprehensive capabilities. The system incorporates the best healthcare practices and is designed to deliver key tangible benefits to clients. We help hospitals provide better managed care through the state-of-the-art system solution.

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Patient Registration

Provides functionality to collect patient information

Patient Management

Scheduling of patient appointment, In-patient, out-patient management

Ward/Bed management

Provides functionality to get right information about the availability of wards and beds. Assigning /releasing beds in wards

Pharmacy Management

Management of availability of medicines in stock. Needed medicines reminder.

Laboratory Management

Registering/Confirming patient information. Assignment of sequence number/time slot, generating reports.

Blood Bank Management

Blood Donor Registration, Blood collection, Blood Recipient Details, Blood issued Camp, Stock details

Enquiry Management

Manage enquiries, follow up enquiries, patient information, check all the reports.

Expense Management

Manage everyday expense and check expense report.

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